Let’s do a year in review: Jobs applied for: 100, Dates been on: 400, Alcohol beverages consumed: 2000 and oddly enough I’m doing v.v.v.g

Since a full recap of 2011 and third of 2012 seems overwhelming we’ll just sum it up with “more of the same.”  If you read my last blog post and the last 1.3 years has been more of the same, well then you can imagine how unhappy my liver is.  I have the same job, I have now officially dated every jewish man in boston, i have threatened to move to new york 1000 times and thanks to this year’s new years resolutions I am having the time of my life.

About 2 months ago I decided enough was enough and I had the power to make me happy.  And do you know what? It turns out I do.  The cynical sarcastic person of days of yore is gone and replaced with a smiley happy upbeat orange wearing do gooder.  I joined a jewish networking group where I’ve made amazing girl friends, I work out a minimum of 3 days a week and get this, I became a morning work out person.  I know, who would have thought.  I mean i’m such a bitch in the mornings that my colleague who used to have to travel to ohio with me on a 6am flight wouldn’t speak to me until we landed 3 hours later AND i had made the trip to starbucks.  That’s bad, that’s cross continental bitchiness bad.  But  yet i’m somehow i’m sunshine and smiles and puppies 3 mornings a week.

See 2 months ago i made an important decision: I love boston and I’m not leaving, so my dating life can suck it cuz it’s just going to have to make due with what boston has to offer.  I’m not moving to new york, because I DON’T WANT TO.  Did you hear that world, I finally made a decision.  

So in making this decision, I’ve also decided I don’t give a shit about my job.  I love it, I hate it, I love it, I don’t care, I hate it, I want to quit, I’m mediocre at best and so on.  I spend so much time trying to find the meaning of life in what my job means to me, i’ve neglected investing in non-work related activities that could actually be meaningful.  And hence the last 2 months were born.  I joined all these groups, I go on girl dates, I go on boy dates. Turns out girls like me a lot more than boys, too bad i’m not a lesbian.  When i strike up a convo with a girl at an event and we click, it almost always leads to coffee, brunch, workout, etc.  With boys, I’m still a work in progress.  I just think my slightly sarcastic dry sense of humor is funny to girls and neurotic unfriendly and cynical to guys.  Note to self: seem less weird.

But i have two dates this week, both with fantastic stories, so i’ll keep you posted


Happy 2011

2010 is over.  An entire year has passed and I have virtually ignored this blog.  I could say it was because I was so busy, but that’s not true.  For me, 2010 was a bit like the lost year.  I didn’t have any wild noteworthy romances.  I loved my job, hated my job, loved my job and then eventually declared indifference.  I drank more and partied more than I should.  I got in shape, I got out of shape, and I started getting in shape again.  I read some great books, I went on some great trips, I maintained and revived some great friendships.

Time is funny in way.  It’s been over two years since I graduated from business school.  I took a job in consulting because I had no idea what i wanted to do but I figured exposure to a variety of businesses would help me find my path.  Well, I am no closer now to knowing what I want out of my career than I was two years ago.  Oops.  Maybe that’s the dirty little secret.  Maybe you never know, you just have to keep trying things until something sticks.

I was talking about new years resolutions with a friend and she was telling me that she doesn’t make them because they never stick.  Well I am the queen of rules and resolutions.  I make new years resolutions every sunday practically.  Cuz honestly if I was good at keeping them, they wouldn’t have to be a resolution, they would just happen.  But they don’t, and I’m old enough and wise enough to know they won’t, so fuck it, I’ll stick with my weekly resolution system.

In 2011 I resolve to:

  1. Run a 5k.  I know this is what most people can do normally, but I am not most people.  I’m special and totally inept when it comes to running.
  2. Drink less.  I realize when you are single that partaking in alcoholic beverages is how us commoners relieve stress and become social human beings.  But jesus, let’s try and still have a liver when we’re 40, shall we
  3. Cook more.  I love to cook.  I haven’t in a year.  In fact, I used my oven for the first time last week and I’ve been living in this apt for 6 months.  Which brings us to #4…
  4. Buy more groceries.  It’s hard to cook without them
  5. Vacation early and often.  When I look back on my unemployed life, my only regret is not going on vacation.  Life is short, eat dessert first and explore the globe as often as possible
  6. Buy a humidifier.  This one isn’t grand or anything but the winter air is so damn dry if this doesn’t get on some list I swear it’s never going to happen
  7. Find something meaningful.  Trying to find a relationship with a nice jewish boy who is taller than me, of a reasonable age and somewhat intelligent in Boston is like trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. Although soon enough I’ll have gone on a date with every available jewish boy in Boston, at least then I’ll be able to cross the city off my list.  Can you do that?  Can you declare a city conquered and cross it off?  I feel like I’m getting dangerously close, so I’ll let you know.  Whoa, I just reread that and discovered this could be misinterpreted.  When I say conquered, I don’t mean in the roman sense I mean in the “have gone on 400 bad first dates and have declared no mas!” sense of the word

That’s it for now.  See you next Sunday when we start our list all over again.

Cheers! and welcome back blog, I’ve missed you…

I’m in Paris.  (we’re just going to ignore the fact that i’ve totally ignored this blog for the last many months.)

My sister is living in Paris, yes the hoodlum, that sister.  So for the first vacation I’ve taken in over a year i have decided to spend the week in Paris with my sister.  See as spoiled as i am, Paris is not a new destination for me.  I studied abroad in Paris twice, once in college, and once in high school.  Now you might think that means that I actually know how to speak french, but you would be surprised. See my french is no better than it was 10 years ago, in fact I’d venture to say it’s way worse.

So anyway, I’m in Paris and I’m treating it like a staycation.  I sleep in, meet my sis for lunch and then go to a museum or walk around a certain area, meet her for dinner and then go to sleep and sleep for 12 hours.  This is my kind of vacation.

So yesterday I decided to spend the afternoon shopping around St. Germain. I bought a new dress at some boutique and wandered my way though countless clothing and shoe stores.  I even stumbled upon American Apparel, yes they have that now in Paris.  For the first time in my life i finally got it.  See in America I’ve never totally understood the store.  Frankly their ads make me feel like I’m looking at a pedafile’s collection from 1985.  But in Paris, it makes total sense.  I mean it’s a total possibility that a french woman could walk down the street wearing a lace bodysuit.  I mean I wouldn’t even think it’s weird, it could totally happen.

So that’s Paris for now, a demain…

One thing I love about new year’s is the ability to make resolutions.

This year I’ll work out more, drink less, take better care of myself, do laundry more often, clean my house, call my friends more, blah blah blah…. And then 10 days go by and you realize you haven’t done any of those things and then what? Fail, a total life fail.

Well, given new year’s seems like a pretty arbitrary time to go ahead and do a full life makeover, i feel like two weeks after new years is just as good.

So here are my reresolutions…  And in the spirit of practicality, I’m actually going to try to make them attainable this year…

  1. Work out more – now, I know this is everyone’s new years resolution but here’s how i see it. I barely work out at all now, so any amount of physical activity is an improvement and would therefore meet my goal.  For those of you who haven’t seen my apt, i live in a 4 story walk up, so really my goal is to one day come home and not be out of breath by the time i get in the front door.  shoot for the stars, that’s what mom always said!
  2. Go on more vacation – last year i only took 3 days vacation, this year that is all going to change.  So far France is almost booked, and bvi is in talks.  Life’s short, eat dessert first, and try and do it in as many countries as possible 🙂
  3. Drink more v8 – thanks to my last year’s discovery that I really like v8 i went to costco and bought 48 cans of it that now sit on the window sill in the kitchen.  I would love to get that down to a level that actually fits in the fridge.  Again, shooting high
  4. Try to find respectable people to date Go on more dates – Like wishing myself thinner, it seems unlikely that I will find a boyfriend from the warmth and comfort of my own bed, although that would be kinda awesome if that were possible, so going on more dates might increase the chances of finding someone to date on a more regular basis.
  5. Shop more – that’s right, i said shop more not less.  See over the past few years I’ve bought almost nothing and the somethings i did buy tend to be cheap and ill-fitting.  Thanks to a reasonable paycheck and my sister’s new found employment at a fabulously work appropriate retail chain, my wardrobe can get the makeover it truly deserves, which brings me to my next reresolution
  6. Try not to look like shit everyday – Boston is a small town and the frequency with which i seem to run into people keeps increasing.  Therefore if i looked nicer a tad more often, i would increase the possibility of not looking like shit when those unexpected run-ins occur and thereby increase my own self image and my perceived image from others, which might in turn land me more dates… my own little virtuous cycle, how cute

I think that should do for a start.  Not a total betty, but a vast improvement.

And now it’s time for the dreaded Sunday night consultant shuffle…. pack the bag, check in for the flight, get ready for another week…

2009 in review

I’m sick.  And have been now for two days.  My roommate is also sick, so our little apartment is a symphony of coughing, sneezing and moaning from body aches.

As a result, I have spent the last two days in bed doing work, napping, watching hulu and generally complaining.  With all this time on my hands I realized that I had never properly closed 2009 and made my predictions and resolutions for 2010.  So here it goes.

The world has collectively come to the conclusion that 2009 was a bad year.  The recession was in full swing, people were losing their jobs daily, the world was a rather unpleasant place.  And let me tell you, I couldn’t disagree more.  2009 was a fantastic year, you just had to look at it right.

Being perpetually ahead of the curve, I lost my job in 2008, so by the time 2009 came around I was already collecting unemployment.  I started this year living in an adorable one bedroom apartment in New York, napping daily on a fabulous green couch, barely ever wearing pants, and blogging everyday.  A lifestyle I was unfortunately unable to convert into sustainable living.

Now don’t get me wrong it was not all fun and games.  I had no income, I lived in a $2400/month apartment and I likened my self worth to every failed job opportunity that came in front of me.  But in retrospect the only thing I regret was not going on vacation more.  I had all the time in the world and was so worried I’d never find a job (which is frankly ridiculous, hellooo? it’s me, i’m awesome, duh i’ll find a job) that I never allowed myself to take a break.

Then in May I started working again, and have been sprinting since.  I fell in love with consulting, started hating consulting, fell in love with it again and on.

I have learned more about myself in the last year than most do in a decade.  Here’s a brief list:

1. I love v8, not sure why i never knew that before

2. I kinda rock and therefore should just relax once in a while.  Life’s short, eat dessert first or at least stop driving yourself crazy

3. NY and Boston are both fabulous cities and I’m thrilled to have gotten the chance to live in both of them (although if someone could let me know which I prefer that would be awesome since at some point in the next few years I’d like to buy an apt and knowing what city you want to live in is always a good first step)

4. My friends and family also kind of rock.  They are supportive and funny and caring and a ton of fun.  I’d say I’m blessed to have them, but generally when I read that I tend to vomit in my mouth and expect a praise jesus speech to follow it, so let’s just leave it as “they rock”

5. Blogging is therapy.  As previously discussed, I don’t like to talk about my feelings, in fact nothing makes me go Mooommmmmmm more than when my mom tries to talk to me about my blog.  But somehow I’ve figured out an outlet that both keeps me sane and let’s other people know what’s going on in my life.  The person who invented blogging is a total genius.

6. If I could figure out a way to view 2009 as a good year, 2010 is going to be great.  Hopefully I’ll be smart enough this year to enjoy the ride and not just the view looking back

Happy 2010!

It’s new year’s eve.  My friend Kelli (names changed to protect the innocent) and I have now been lying on a couch watching television for 9 hours straight.  Here’s what we have accomplished so far..

1. We did not go skiing.  Yes, that’s right.  we have flown 3000 miles carrying ski gear and decided we were too lazy to actually go skiing.  Now that’s dedication.

2. We made bloody mary’s

3. We watched Jersey Shore, keeping up with the kardashians, and the OC.

What a way to bring in the new year…

And now I have given everyone fake names for the blog.  In the true spirit of nevada, everyone gets a name with an i

Kelli, Spici, Luci, big peter, paul, the situation, and the two random people who just walked in but haven’t introduced themselves yet.

See for most of the day it was just kelli and I being  bums.  Now the entire house is full and kelli and I are still sitting on the couch and instead of going to join the party, we shut the door so we can hear seinfeld clearer.  awesome.  note to self: new year’s resolutions should include trying to be more social and friendly

[this is the part where i relay all the stories from last night, now that i went ahead and gave everyone fake names.  but really i’m too tired, so i’ll just leave it to your imagination]

Here’s a little riddle:

What happens when you take a consultant, a banker, a PE guy, and an entrepreneur stick them in a gorgeous cabin with no cell phone reception on a mountain near lake tahoe in a blizzard.

Do they…

a. Cherish the awe inspiring winter wonderland around them

b. Appreciate every second of their lack of connectivity and their bosses inability to find them

c. Sit on the couch each with a laptop in hand, not talking to each other and surfing the internet instead

d. All of the above